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Lake Tawakoni SP Volksmarch

This event was a walk in the woods and around the edge of Lake Tawakoni.  This is a State Park.  It was partly cloudy and warm.  We enjoyed this event very much.

The walk start was set up at a picnic table.

We got registered and headed off
into the woods.

We followed the orange ribbons.

The first people we met walking were Jim and Pat from Tyler.  (Pat later won the pair of New Balance Shoes.  Congratulations Pat!)

Soon Gary and Heidi from Euless caught up with us.

I can't remember now what
Lenore was upset about.

We left the woods and followed the power lines for awhile.

We met Shirley and Doris who are members of the Trotting Texas Turtles Club (the same one we belong to).

We came out of the woods again.

This is just a little pond, not the lake.

We followed the park road for a short way.

We met this lady as we once again entered the woods.

Crossing the bridge to get to the checkpoint.

Carol took Lenore and my picture as we headed out on the second part of the walk.

We headed toward the lake and the people fishing.

We came to the roped off swim area, and Carol let Lenore take off her shoes and play.

Carol carried Lenore to a picnic table so we could dry her feet and get her shoes back on.

Jan had told us we would see lots of beautiful wild roses.

A butterfly in the rose bushes.

Close-up of the roses.

Lands End.  The trail turned right.

Carol and Lenore getting their books stamped.

The following pictures were sent to me by Les, who came up from Beaumont for this event.

His picture of the wild roses is better than mine.


He took my picture while we were stopped to chat.

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