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Texas Tech University
Junction, TX Volksmarch

Darlene registering us for the walk.

Kimble County Courthouse.

Spanish Style Church.

Walking in the rain.

Junction High School Mascot is an Eagle

There was a "J" on the hillside.

Historical Marker a 16 year old boy was killed by Indians here on Christmas Eve 1857.

Route took us thru the cemetary.

Blooming cactus.

Sign pointing the way to the Texas Tech Campus.

One lane bridge.

View of the stream from the bridge.

Looking back at the bridge.

Nice Country Road.

Entrance to the Texas Tech Campus

Frank punching Carol & Lenore's
start cards.

The Student Union Building

Heading back into town from the campus.

Nice Cliffs and the deserted horse racing track.

We passed under the cliffs.

Another bridge and stream.

Bridge over the South Llano River.

View of the River

The walk went down into the park below
the bridge.

Helen was the finish table volunteer.

Diary of College Events Walked