Guadalupe River State Park Volksmarch Event

Lenore and Carol getting registered to walk.

Lenore was lagging behind eating her bag of chips.

It was cool when you got in the shade and
warm in the sunlight.
Parts of the route was on park roads.

I think this group of young walkers was a
church youth group.

*** Below is the Guadalupe River and us taking turns posing on tree stumps along the river. ***


This group stayed on the walk route and passed us while we played in the river.

The volunteers manning the first checkpoint.

There was an ice cream machine near the checkpoint.
These walkers passed us while we were stopped to get Lenore an ice cream.

This is an nice amphitheatre.

Lenore looks like she is doing a karate kick,
but she is jumping out of swing.

Just a look at the trail.

This is an overlook of the Guadalupe River.
Picture by Lenore.

Lenore looking down at the river.

These walkers were coming up behind us.
The trail curved and I only got the man in the lead.

As the moved ahead of us I took their picture to
show the lady also.

Lenore was jumping from rock to rock.

Volunteers punching Carol and Lenore's cards.

Walkers waiting for their turn at the checkpoint.

Walkers heading out (or just returning to their cars?)
as we were finishing up.

Madeline is 6 years old.
She just finished doing the 5K.
This was her first event.

Another young lady getting her book stamped.

This event was a Volksmarch hosted by the Texas Wanderers. If you are interested in finding out more about Volksmarching or the Texas Wanderers. Click Here

Lenore's Walk Diary

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