Campbell Ranch
Volksmarch 05/02/04

Carol and Lenore registering
at the Campbell Ranch start point.

At the 1st checkpoint
the 5K and 10K routes split.

Following a road through the pasture.

Walkers ahead of us on the trail.

Lenore wanted to open the gate.

We are repeating part of the trail.
We missed a turn off.

Lenore climbed the gate as we returned to find
where we went wrong.

The tall grass along this section was purple.

Going downhill toward the river.

He is hard to see but there is a
horn toad in the center of the picture.

He hesitated long enough for me
to get a closer shot.

The Concho River.

The bluffs are coming up.

Linda and her girls were working
checkpoint #2.

Mrs. Campbell was here giving us information
on the pictographs.

A view of the pictographs.

Mrs. Campbell showing us how the paint
was made from rocks containing iron.

More walkers arrived to hear her talk.

The cliffs.

More pictographs.

Another location.

Mr. Campbell was further down the trail.

He is standing on the ceremonial stone.
He was pointing out to us the "calendar".

The pictographs Mr. Campbell was telling us about.

A closeup of the turtle with the sun on his back.

More pictographs.

We walked up above the bluff. This is looking down.
on where we just walked.

A memorial set up in 1936.

Doris and Shirley checking in before us.

The Campbells have two buffalo on their ranch.

This event was a Volksmarch hosted by the Selma Pathfinders. If you are interested in finding out more about Volksmarching or the Selma Pathfinders. Click Here

Lenore's Walk Diary

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