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Residential Route
June 20, 2004

The start of the event on Sunday.

[getting ready]

[Start Point] We left the park via a pedestrian
bridge over Brady Creek.   
Checkpoint #1.    

We crossed Brady Creek again.
Lenore with the instructions.    

This was probably the old highschool.
It was boarded up.                
A siamese kitten tried to follow us.
After petting it, we returned it to its porch.

We started seeing the bigger homes.
Another nice home.

Spanish style.
Checkpoint #2 where we'd worked yesterday.

Another kitten who wanted to join the walk.
Grecian Style.    

Our last checkpoint, we're almost done.
We passed Gary and Robert.    
They are walking it a second time.

Tara and Kevin working the finish.
Chatting at the finish   
before heading home.

Brady 06/19/2004

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