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Court House Route
June 19, 2004

The walk started at Richardson Park.

[getting ready]

[Start Point]

We cut across the park to a break in the fence.

At the park entrance was several war memorials.

This lady from Ft. Worth stopped to chat.

This memorial was supposed to have an eternal flame, but it wasn't burning.

The walk took us back into the park and along the wall, which Lenore is walking on.  

Walkers ahead of us on the route.

We crossed a bridge over Brady Creek.

The Brady High School.

[getting ready]

[Start Point]

They are the Brady Bulldogs.

This first checkpoint serves both walk routes.

[leaving start]

Nice older brick home.

This home has a historical marker on the fence.

Nice Spanish style home.

Brady is the County Seat.
This is the Courthouse.

Carved bear for sale.

This sign proclaims Brady to be the Heart of Texas, but everyone knows that Waco is the Heart of Texas

The old jail has been turned into a Museum.

Walkers and workers at checkpoint #2.

Trying to decide where to jump.

Park bench in the shade with the bridge over the creek in the distance.

The wall is now covered in cactus.

The walk took us under the bridge.

And over a small creek crossing.

Back along the other side of the creek.

After we checked in we went to relieve James and Arlene at this checkpoint on the residential route.  

Our first customer at the checkpoint.

Brady 06/20/2004