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SW Regional Director's Volksmarch

This walk was held in conjunction with the 17th National Trails Symposium.
There was a group walk at Noon which consisted of six people.

Sign outside the Convention Center, Austin, Texas.

Walk start inside the Convention Center.

We passed Doris and Shirley on their way back in.

The walk was around town lake in the opposite direction from the YRE.

The group consisted of Charles, John, Carol, Dean, Robert and myself.

The view across the lake.

The trail was mostly gravel and we crossed several bridges.

Nice archway leading to another section of trail.

Dean took this picture so I could be in it.

Very nice art along this section of wall.

Robert and Carol picked up the pace and left us in the dust.

We crossed town lake via this street bridge..

Headed back in we had this nice view of the Austin skyline.

We crossed by over town lake on this I-35 bridge.

Oh No, stairs at the end!

Karl and Beverly near the finish table.